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to retain & engage
more and better
with your customers

Apps development to retain & engage more and better with your customers.

UpToLoyalty is a platform and apps designed for customer loyalty programs; It comes with a preconfigured solution and model, which can be implemented and adapted to any customer process and point of sale.

UpToLoyalty has different functionalities for the optimization and conversion of sales.

The platform and its apps are focused on the following processes:

  • It is designed for B2C and loyalty processes, for multiple brands, points of sale, and it has modules for the management of offers, advertisements, self-service area, generation and redemption of coupons, gamification processes and management of reports.
  • It contains different modules and apps:
    • Front-end, Back-end, apps and components, including redemption apps and specific area requirements.
    • Integration with: Google analytics, social networks, marketing cloud, payment gateways, SMS and email systems.
    • Reconciliation, reporting and dashboards tools.
  • Integration with business processes and also with the Salesforce and Heroku platforms.

Customized APPS for a better customer loyalty processes

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